The presiding judge in the first of the so-called police death squad murder trials, Jennifer Straw, is expected to turn over the case to the jury tomorrow for a verdict.

This, after she indicated this afternoon that her summation of the evidence will only last for another 20 to 25 minutes when court resumes tomorrow.

Constables Collis ‘Chuckie’ Brown and Rohan Morrison are on trial for murder and wounding with intent.

This, in relation to the killing of a 20-year-old man, Fabian Dinnal and the injuring of another in May Pen Clarendon in February, 2010.

This afternoon Justice Straw completed her summation on both charges of murder and wounding with intent.

Justice Straw told the jury they’ll have to consider if the prosecution has proven all the ingredients to indicate Dinnal was murdered.

She says once the jury is satisfied with the identity of the deceased, they’ll have to decide if the prosecution proved Dinnal’s murder was not accidental but voluntary and deliberate by one or both accused men.

She says another ingredient the jury must identify is if the prosecution was able to prove at the time of the voluntary and deliberate act, both men or one of them had an intention to kill Dinnal or cause grievous bodily harm.

Justice Straw says the jury must also consider the final ingredient which is, if the accused men were not acting in self defence.

She pointed out that self-defence was an issue in the trial.

Justice Straw noted both constables raised the issue of self defence.

She says Constable Brown said gunmen fired at him, so he fired back.

And she says Constable Morrison said gunmen fired at the police, so the police fired back.

But she pointed out that Constable Morrison said he wasn’t one of them who was shooting.

Justice Straw says if the jury has concluded that the prosecution was not able to disprove the policemen were acting in self-defence, they must acquit them.

Meanwhile, in her summation on the charge of wounding with intent, she said the jury must decide under what circumstances the injuries were inflicted based on the evidence given.

Though she’s finished her summation on the charges and the witness statements, she’s indicated she has a few other things to review before handing the case to the jury.