Presiding Judge Justice Bertram Morrison has ruled that the detention of five men under the States of Emergency which has now ended was unconstitutional.

He handed down the judgement a short while ago in the Supreme Court.

A written judgement is expected to be made available later today.

The detainees were Courtney Hall, Everton Douglas, Nicholas Heat, Courtney Thompson and Gavin Noble.

All five men were released last month from custody when the enhanced security measures ended and none were charged.

Justice Morrison has also accepted submission’s from the men’s attorney John Clarke that they should be compensated.

Justice Morrison said he wasn’t minded to embark on a claim to assess compensation.

He told the court, it cannot be that in a free and democratic society persons are held in custody for an inordinately long time then released, then go away with no compensation.

He further said that wasn’t his understanding of the law.