Justice Minister Delroy Chuck, says there are limits to people’s rights and freedoms.

Minister Chuck was addressing Inter-American Commission on Human Rights 172nd Period of Sessions Opening Ceremony, at Mona Visitor’s Lodge yesterday.

He also responded to the Constitutional Court’s ruling that the government’s National Identification and Registration Authority, was unconstitutional.

Mr Chuck notes that the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedom, adopted by parliament in 2011– provides the state shall pass no law or take any action that infringes rights guaranteed under charter, unless it’s demonstrably justified.

He says in that charter, Jamaica added clauses such as the right to privacy and a passport, that are not enjoyed by people in other jurisdictions.

The Justice Minister says the NIDS case was the most recent examination of those provisions.

He says the government is yet to consider the ruling.

But he’s congratulating the Constitutional Court on delivering the ruling in a timely manner.

Minister Chuck says the government promotes people’s rights and freedoms.