The Jamaica Urban Transit Company, JUTC, says substandard and shoddy workmanship may have caused the recent fires on its buses.

Managing Director of the State-owned bus company, Paul Abrahams, in a statement this afternoon, says there seems to be efforts, both internally and externally, to undermine the JUTC.

Marjorie Gordon has that story.

Mr. Abrahams says an investigation over the last two weeks has unearthed startling information.

He says during preventative fire checks on the last two weekends, the company has found instances of serious breaches.

These include but are not limited to, fuel lines being too loose and displaced engine connections.

He says these breaches can cause spontaneous combustion on buses in operation and may have been the cause of two of the last three fires.

He says the JUTC is now taking a zero tolerance approach to fire safety and has warned its personnel that there should be no recurrence.

Mr. Abrahams also says greater focus will be placed on the quality of maintenance going forward.

The JUTC says a fire prevention team has been formed with the main objective of ensuring that all safety standards are met.

The JUTC head also says administrative sanctions will be faced by those responsible for the shoddy workmanship.

Earlier this month, a JUTC bus caught fire in the vicinity of Bull Bay, St Andrew.

Four days later, another JUTC bus plying the downtown, Kingston to Half Way Tree route was seen in flames in the Half Way Tree area, metres away from the Transportation Centre.

Another bus was gutted by fire in Half-Way Tree just days later.

However, the JUTC in that instance said their investigations suggested it may have been the work of arsonists.-