The IMF’s Mission Chief to Jamaica, Dr Uma Ramakrishnan, says the overstaffing at the state-owned Jamaica Urban Transit Company is proof that the government can make further cuts to the public sector.

She spoke exclusively with Nationwide News this morning at her office in Washington DC.

On Wednesday, the JUTC’s Managing Director, Paul Abrahams, revealed to Parliament’s Public Administrations and Appropriations Committee that the state run-bus company has 470 employees it doesn’t need.

It appears to be just the ammunition the IMF needs to point to government’s wage bill and the need for cuts.

Dr. Ramakrishnan says she believes every public body in Jamaica can now look at itself and find similar areas for streamlining.

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The IMF has been trying to get the government to bring its wage bill down for years.

It’s a target successive administrations have continued to miss. The new deadline is 2019.

Dr. Ramakrishnan says the government has to actively work on it. She says there’s too much inequality in the pay system.

We’ll have more from Dr. Ramakrishnan’s interview with Nationwide’s Kalilah Reynolds in our major newscast at 5.