Tyrone Reid reports

Controversial PNP activist, Karen Cross, has handed over a file containing a formal complaint against PNP General Secretary, Dr. Dayton Campbell, to the party’s Disciplinary Committee.

Ms. Cross turned up at the PNP’s Old Hope Road offices yesterday after being summoned by the committee to answer to charges that she has brought the party into disrepute.

According to Ms. Cross, she went to deliver a message to the Committee and leave.

Last week Miss Cross rejected the PNP’s Disciplinary Committee as a sham and a kangaroo court.

yesterday she turned up before the panel, not to answer to the charges against her, but to demand that the party’s General Secretary be investigated.

Ms. Cross has accused Dr. Dayton Campbell of having sex with minors.

He has strongly denied the allegations.

Dr. Campbell has since filed a defamation suit against her.

Ms. Cross says she expects the Disciplinary Committee will now investigate the allegations she has leveled against Dr. Campbell.

She’s calling on the party executive to send Dr. Campbell on a leave of absence until the matter has been properly investigated.

Efforts to contact Dr. Campbell and the Chairman of the party’s Disciplinary Committee, Stacey Knight, this afternoon were unsuccessful.