The cabinet of Prime Minister Andrew Holness will have at least one new face following the resignation of the now former Labour and Social Security Minister Karl Samuda.

He announced at an awards banquet on Friday night that his resignation takes effect today.

However, Mr Samuda says he will continue to serve his constituency as he is not leaving that position.

When contacted on the weekend, he told Nationwide News that he had long ago indicated that he would serve for a specific period and he now feels that time is long past.

At the time of his most recent appointment in 2020, the now 81 year old Mr Samuda, told Prime Minister Andrew Holness that he would serve only until the mid-term point of this administration.

That mid-term point has now been reached and Mr. Samuda says he is satisfied that he’s retiring according to his time table.

According to Mr Samuda, this is an opportunity to introduce new ideas to the Ministry.

Karl Samuda, former Labour and Social Security Minister