The Jamaica Constabulary Force, JCF, says it’s this afternoon making it abundantly clear that solid police work was done in the preparation of the case against the alleged ‘Dexter Street or ‘Middle East’ Gang members.

The JCF’s statement is in response to the case against the alleged gangsters being withdrawn by the prosecution yesterday due to the absence of the main Crown witness.

The Constabulary says it’s making it clear that every effort was made by the police to have the individual placed under the Witness Protection Programme.

However, despite its best efforts, the individual resisted police protection and eventually disappeared altogether.

The Constabulary is thanking all the hardworking investigators and prosecutors who worked on this matter.

The 19 alleged members of the Westmoreland-based gang walked free in the Supreme Court yesterday.

The so-called gangsters were taken before the Supreme Court in 2017 on charges of being part of a criminal organization.

Meanwhile, the JCF says its commitment continues to be the provision of thoroughly-investigated cases submitted to the prosecution with good supporting evidence as well as the protection of the rule of law in Jamaica.

The JCF says it remains committed to keeping Jamaicans safe.

The  Constabulary says its members are undaunted in the fight against gang violence and organized crime in  Jamaica.

It says the Constabulary is confident that justice will be delivered in the 12 major gang-related cases currently before the courts.