Head of the Department of Economics at the Mona campus of the UWI, Dr. Damien King, has blasted the US-based Center for Economic and Policy Research, following its publication of a report about the impact the IMF programme is having on the Jamaican economy.

The report says the austerity measures in the programme are making Jamaicans poorer and shrinking the economy through politically unsustainable conditionalities.

Dr. King disagrees.

The report says the IMF programme is putting Jamaicans through needless pain.

Pain, which has been induced by belt tightening.

But Dr. King says the IMF programme is not to be blamed for the current state of the Jamaican economy.

The US Based Think Tank says poverty in Jamaica has doubled since 2007, due to the combination of little to no economic growth and large cuts in public expenditure.

Dr. King says the IMF programme is not the reason for the increase in poverty.

The report has recommended that multilaterals should work with Jamaica and other creditors to provide meaningful debt relief to release crucial resources.

Dr. King says this solution is flawed.