The prosecution is expected to call its first witness this morning as the second day of the high-profile trial of 33 alleged members of the Klansman gang gets underway at 10 in the Supreme Court.

The prosecution yesterday made its opening arguments, telling the Court it intended to prove that Andre “Blackman” Bryan is the leader of the feared One Don breakaway faction of the Klansman gang.

The Crown said it would also prove that the Klansman gang is a criminal organization.

The crown is alleging that Bryan and 32 other individuals committed a range of crimes ranging from arson and extortion to murder.

The first witness is the first of an expected 43 who will testify on behalf of the prosecution, including individuals who have confessed to being members of the notorious gang.

The 33 individuals are being prosecuted by four senior crown counsels.

A heavy security presence is expected to remain in place around the Supreme Court building today.

Meanwhile, Deputy Commissioner in charge of Crime, DCP Fitz Bailey says the police are confident they’ve done sufficient work from which the prosecution can mount a credible case.

The prosecution has offered a 25 count indictment against the alleged members of the Klansman gang.

The Deputy Commissioner says no matter the outcome of the trial, he’s satisfied that the men and women of the Constabulary did their best in the matter.

DCP Fitz Bailey, Deputy Commissioner in charge of Crime.