The Klansman gang trial resumed today following the Christmas break.

But the trial was adjourned due to the absence of one of the accused.

That accused is Stephanie Christie, who’s being held at the South Camp Road lock up.

The registrar told the court today that Ms Christie was in isolation following an outbreak of COVID 19 cases at the lock up.

The court was also told that some members of the prosecution team were also affected by COVID-19 and were absent as a result.

The trial is to also see a two week break later this month, as presiding judge Chief Justice Brian Sykes will be in another trial at that time.

The Klansman gang trial is to resume on January 24.

Justice Sykes today explained that the delay will affect the progress of the Klansman gang trial but he will be considering how he can reduce the fallout.

Christie and 32 other accused are on trial for offences under the anti gang legislation.

The accused also include alleged leader of the One Don faction of the Klansman gang, Andre ‘Blackman’ Bryan.