The summation of the One Don Klansman Gang trial adjourned prematurely today after one of the defendants indicated he needed medical attention.

Nora Gaye Banton has the details.

At the start of the proceedings in the Supreme Court this morning, the defendant, Ted Prince, was seen laying on the bench.

When Chief Justice Bryan Sykes made enquiries, Prince told him that the police service vehicle he traveled to court in, met in an accident and that he was feeling pain in his head and left shoulder.

Justice Sykes stated “we wouldn’t want anything to happen to you, so the police will have to make arrangements for you to receive medical attention and treatment if required”.

Prince’s left hand has been in a sling for the past three weeks.

On Friday January 27, Prince accused the the wardens at Horizon Remand Centre, of hitting him and injuring his arm.

At that time, he also accused them of preventing him from receiving medical attention.

Justice Sykes gave the police instructions to have Prince taken to a doctor.

Prince is charged with murder and being part of a criminal organization.

Meanwhile, prior to the start of the proceedings this morning, a squabble occurred between two of the accused men in the holding cell at the Supreme Court in downtown Kingston.

Defendants, Fabian Johnson and Donovan Richards reportedly had a disagreement and a fight broke out.

The police intervened and Richards alleged that he injured his mouth after being pushed to the ground.

When Justice Sykes asked if he would like to see a doctor he said “no man that alright, mi alright fi guh on mi lord”.

The alleged gang leader, Andre ‘Blackman’ Bryan, and his 27 co-accused are charged with various offenses including murder, conspiracy to murder, arson, illegal possession of firearms and illegal possession of ammunition.

The Chief Justice has been summing up the trial for the past four weeks.

He was slated to continue his summation today.

But he will instead resume on Tuesday morning at 10.

Nora Gaye Banton reporting for Nationwide News.