Another defendant in the Klansman Gang Trial was freed of charges against him on Tuesday morning.

The defendant, Dwayne Salmon otherwise called Chemist was charged with being a member of a criminal organisation.

The prosecution led evidence that Salmon sold guns and provided weapon repair services to alleged members of the Klansman Gang.

But according to his attorney, Kemar Robinson, Salmon has no case to answer as there’s no evidence he’s a gang member.

Chief Justice Bryan Sykes in his response accepted the no case submissions saying it must succeed.

According to Chief Justice Sykes the evidence presented by the crown at best indicate that Salmon provides gunsmith services to the gang. He says Salmon could be seen as an independent supplier.

But he agrees there’s an absence of evidence he was loyal to the gang nor is there evidence he had any interest.

The chief justice, however, dismissed an application for the indictment to be amended saying that would cause severe injustice to the defendant .

According to Sykes, criminal trials are not commissions of enquiries where several criminal accusations are considered.

He says criminal trials are very specific and Salmon should be allowed to answer to the specific charges the prosecution has against him.

More to come.