Stevian Simmonds reports.

The Prosecution’s first witness in the Klansman trial yesterday gave details about the structure of the One Don faction of the gang he said is led by Andre Bryan also called Blackman.

Bryan and 32 other accused are standing trial for multiple offences under the anti-gang legislation.

The case is being presided over by Chief Justice Bryan Sykes in the Supreme Court in downtown Kingston.

The witness told the court Bryan had his personal bodyguard, a member of the gang he identified as CJ.

He says that man always had a gun to protect the gang leader.

According to the witness, another member of the gang he identified as Rooster, was Bryan’s designated lookout man when Bryan visited the witness’ house.

The witness says he was the gang’s banker and Bryan’s personal driver.

He says Rooster would stay on the outside armed with a gun, whenever Bryan came to the witness’ house.

He says Rooster kept watch for hours while Bryan slept at his house.

The witness also says Bryan had designated lookout men, members of the gang, in certain areas.

For example, he says one of the gang members, a man he identified as Stenneth was responsible for keeping watch of the community of Lauriston, in St Catherine.

He was responsible for keeping watch of Lauriston and alerting the gang whenever the Police or gunmen were approaching.

According to the witness, Bryan would ask him to give Stenneth money to buy food and weed.

The Prosecutor asked the witness if he kept a record of the money he gave to the alleged gang member.

He replied saying:

“Every money I spend I record it, Sir”.

He says another man, he identified as Mackerel was sometimes the man who kept watch to ensure no Police personnel was present when the gangsters were about to make a hit.

He would have to give the word the way was clear before they struck.

According to the witness, another gang member he identified as Mawgaman, was sometimes responsible for collecting the guns from the gang members after they’d committed a murder.

He told the court that after one of the murders the gangsters committed, Bryan gave orders to Mawgaman to “collect back the guns and lock dem”.

According to the witness, another gang member was mostly responsible for renting the cars the gang members used to carry out several murders.

He detailed how Bryan had ordered them to drive to a location in Lauriston and murder a man in the community.

The witness says the gang members were careful not to drive certain cars too close to their crime scenes, in order to avoid being linked to the murders.

He says the gangsters would rent a car from persons in Spanish Town when they were planning murders.

He says those were solely cash transactions with no receipt received nor any documentation.

But the witness says as with everything else he kept records of the monies he spent on those rentals.

The witness also pointed out several of the gangsters he spoke about, in the courtroom.

He was speaking via video link from an undisclosed location.

The trial resumes at 10 this morning.