The undercover policeman testifying in the Klansman trial this afternoon corroborated evidence that an intelligence operation, where he was introduced as the uncle of the second witness in the case, did take place.

He detailed how he and a former member of the gang, turned informant, went on an intelligence mission where a gun was handed over to them by a gang member in Jones Avenue.

The former gang member, turned state witness, had given evidence that he introduced the undercover Policeman to his cronies as his uncle that day.

The witness had told the court that on that occasion, in the presence of the policeman, one member of the gang handed him a gun in a plastic bag and another also handed the lawman ammunition.

Tauna Thomas has been covering the trial.

Today in court, the undercover Policeman detailed that in 2019 he met with the second witness in Lakes Pen, St. Catherine.

The lawman says he arrived at the location with two other policemen.

The undercover policeman says when he exited the vehicle, he went into the driver’s side of the second witness’ car and they proceeded to Jones Avenue.

He says the arrangement was that he would drive the second witness’ car on the intelligence operation.

The two other policemen followed behind at a distance.

He says on arrival at a yard in Jones Avenue, a man approached the car and handed the second witness a black bag containing an object.

He says the witness had introduced him as his uncle and explained that he was the one taking care of him.

The policeman says he got a clear view of the man including all his facial features.

He says the second witness then asked the man for what he called the ‘Teeth.’

The undercover lawman says following the request, the second witness was told that Papa has the ‘Teeth.’

He says the witness made a phone call and another man approached from the right side of the vehicle through a fence.

He told the court that the second man upon approaching the vehicle bumped fist with him, but said nothing.

He says the second man then handed the witness a beverage bottle.

The second witness in his evidence had indicated that Papa handed over a drink bottle with ammunition in it.

The witness had indicated that on this occasion it was the second time he was handing over a gun to the Police.

The witness is expected to continue giving evidence tomorrow morning at 10.

This is day 34 of the trial.

Tauna Thomas for Nationwide News