Queen’s Counsel, KD Knight, says there’s no conflict of interest in him representing former Petrojam General Manager, Floyd Grindley, in a compensation claim against the state-owned oil refinery.

KD Knight, who’s also an Opposition PNP Senator, says it’s the nature of the legal profession to defend clients with differing interests.

Mr. Grindley’s management of Petrojam has been subjected to intense scrutiny by the opposition controlled oversight Public Accounts and Public Administration committees.

Both the PAC and the PAAC are chaired by Mr. Knight’s parliamentary colleagues, Mark Golding and Dr. Wyckham McNeil.

In his letter to Petrojam of April 24, 2019, Mr. Knight wrote that his client, Floyd Grindley has been tar-brushed and he’s prepared to negotiate an appropriate settlement as compensation for his wrongly damaged reputation.

According to Mr. Knight they are claiming $39,731,935.00 in compensation for Mr. Grindley. Mr. Knight, who called in to Cliff Hughes On Line this morning, says the issues discussed in the PAAC, has no bearing on his actions as a lawyer.

Just yesterday, Central Manchester MP, the PNP’s Peter Bunting, lauded the work of Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee, PAC, in scrutinizing the affairs of the beleaguered State- owned oil refinery, Petrojam.