The leadership of the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation, KSAC, is on now on the line as a PNP supporter has applied to the court for a magisterial recount in the Rae Town Division in Central Kingston.

The Jamaica Labour Party, JLP, had won 21 of the 19 divisions in the KSAC in last week’s municipal election.

The party retained the Rae Town division in a recount, with the JLP’s Rosalie Hamilton defeating the PNP’s Shawn McGregor by 21 votes.

There were 63 rejected ballots

However, PNP supporter Wendy McGlashan filed documents for a magisterial recount in the Civil Division of the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court yesterday.

McGlashan is said to have been part of the team at the final count at the Electoral Office of Jamaica last Tuesday.

A statement from the PNP last evening outlined that Ms. McGlashan, in her sworn statement to the court, said during the counting process she observed numerous instances where the Returning officer rejected ballots cast in favour of the PNP candidate, Shawn McGregor.

She said the voters indicated their intention by way of a tick or multiple Xs.

The matter is set for hearing next Monday, December 12.

This recount would be significant for the PNP as, if the results are overturned, there would be a 20-20 split for the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation.

The PNP says with the party having the popular vote in the KSAC, it would then be allowed to name a Mayor and have control of the KSAC.

In the meantime, the Electoral Office of Jamaica, EOJ, has been summoned to a magisterial recount for the Toll Gate Division in South West Clarendon.

The recount has been scheduled for 10:00 AM on Wednesday.

After the final count of votes, the Jamaica Labour Party’s candidate Radcliffe McDonald won the division by one vote.

The PNP’s Councilor-candidate was Godfrey Knight.

There were 23 rejected ballots.