Photo By: Fiwibusiness

Business and other sector leaders in Ocho Rios say a lack of enforcement of existing laws and regulations is threatening the tourism product in the St. Ann resort town.

These comments came during a tour of Ocho Rios on Friday by government and private agencies, business representatives, and the police.

What the St. Ann Municipal Corporation called a walk-about in Ocho Rios came against the background of mounting complaints from various sectors and stakeholders about the state of the tourist town.

They say illegal vending has worsened the issues of parking, garbage collection, and law and order in general.

Councillor for the Ocho Rios Division, Michael Belnavis, said stronger law enforcement is needed and that there needs to be an agreement by agencies about the measures to be put in place for this enforcement to be carried out.

Michael Belnavis, Councillor for the Ocho Rios Division.

During the tour, the officials observed several locations where entire streets and public areas, including the park at the clock tower, had been taken over by vendors.

Wares and farm produce were displayed on sidewalks and fences all over the town.

Deputy Superintendent of Police Rushelle McGibbon Scott spoke with many vendors and gave notice of action against illegal vending.

At the end of the tour, President of the St. Ann Chamber of Commerce, Ransford Davidson, told Nationwide News that, in addition to dealing with congestion, alot needed to be done to restore Ocho Rios and protect the tourism product.

Ransford Davidson, St Ann Chamber of Commerce President.