Let bygones be bygones!

That’s according to Councillor for the Little London Division, Ian Myles.

Councillor Myles and the Councillor for the Sheffield Division, Garfield James, on Thursday joined the caucus of the Jamaica Labour Party in the Westmoreland Municipal Corporation.

Both men, along with Councillor for the Grange Hill Division, Lawton McKenzie, resigned from the People’s National Party in July this year. Councillor McKenzie remains an independent councillor.

The decision of Councillors Myles and James means the JLP now has control of the Corporation.

They have six seats, the PNP have five, with one seat under the independent banner.

Councillor Myles says he’s ready to get on with the business of representing those in his division.

According to Councillor Myles, many of his supporters in Little London have supported his decision.

Councillor Ian Myles of the Little London Division in the Westmoreland Municipal Corporation.