Trinidad and Tobago allrounder Dwayne Bravo, has been giving Caribbean fans an insight into his routine having been forced to stay indoors due to COVID-19.

Bravo who used the time off from cricket to record a song about the coronavirus, is also looking to keep his fans engaged and positive throughout the ordeal.

Bravo’s days are mostly filled with exercise and music making.

Caribbean people are known for their love of music which is why West Indies All-rounder Dwayne Bravo chose this medium to encourage cricketing fans in the region and around the world to take the coronavirus pandemic series.

Bravo’s music has been a staple amongst the international cricketing community in recent years. 

This is highlighted by the prominence of his song, “Champion”, which coincided with the West Indies’ 2016 T20 world championship. 

Bravo says he wants every person that hears the song, to be able to pick up on the melody and words as quickly as possible.

His newest single, titled “We Not Giving Up”, is currently making the international rounds and is a statement about the strength of the people of the world in regards to the ongoing pandemic.