Opposition Spokesman on National Security Derrick Smith, says the government cannot continue to blame lottery scamming for the surge in the murder rate since the start of the year.

The Jamaica Observer newspaper published an article today which shows that 981 people were murdered between January 1 and October 14 this year.

That’s 25-percent more than the number of murders recorded over the corresponding period last year.

Speaking in July this year the National Security Minister linked the spike in murders to lotto scamming activities.

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It would appear that the Minister’s claim is sound, given that the bulk of the murders have been committed in western parishes, the virtual playground of the lotto scammers.

But Derrick Smith says he’s not convinced.

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Mr. Smith says it’s perhaps mere coincidence that murders have surged following the appointment of Dr. Carl Williams as Police Commissioner.

Dr. Williams was appointed in September last year.

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Mr. Smith says the ability of the Police to fight crime is being hampered by their lack of mobility.

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