The main witness in the death squad murder trial, this afternoon confirmed that he’d identified Constables Collis Chuckie Brown and Rohan Morrison as the policemen who shot him in the chest and killed another man, Fabian Dinnal, in February 2010.

The witness had ended his testimony two weeks ago.

However, he was called back to the witness box today to confirm his participation in a 2014 identification parade.

The witness is to be cross examined tomorrow morning at 10:00 by Defence Attorneys.

Constables Collis Chuckie Brown and Rohan Morrison are accused of murder, wounding and shooting with intent in relation to a February 2010 incident.

The incident resulted in 20 year old Fabian Dinal being shot and killed. The main witness was also shot and badly injured.

In the meantime, several more prosecution witnesses are expected to be called to testify this week.

Included in those, is a forensic expert who analyzed swabs taken from the hands of Mr. Dinnal.

Constables Brown and Morrison are alleging that Dinnal was killed and the main witness shot when gunmen opened fire on the Police.

However, the main witness has refuted the account given by the Police.

The witness says both he and Mr. Dinnal were shot in cold blood.

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