The man charged with the murder of popular fashion designer, Dexter Pottinger, has been remanded in custody.

Tattoo and make-up artiste, Romario Brown was remanded when he appeared in the Kingston and St. Andrew Parish Court in Half Way Tree today. He was answering to the murder charge and also two other minor charges.

Brown has been remanded in custody until November 9.

While his attorney Sasha-Gaye Shaw did not make a bail application, the Clerk of Court disclosed that the police were opposed to bail. The Clerk of Court also says the results of the post-mortem is outstanding.

Presiding Judge, Simone Wolfe-Reece, has asked for disclosure to be made to the defence. She’s also ordered that Brown’s fingerprints be taken.

Meanwhile, Brown also pleaded guilty to possession of a knife on August 29. It was revealed that on August 29, Brown was accosted at about 10:45 that night and searched. The police say he had two knives. The Clerk of Court says in Brown’s statement, he said he only had one knife.

Brown was asked by Judge Wolfe Reece, how many knives he had in his possession. In an aggressive tone, he said “a only one knife mi did have inna mi jacket pocket”

This prompted Judge Wolfe-Reece to respond saying “afta mi and you not having a fight”, indicating that the accused should lower his tone. She’s ordered him to pay 3-thousand-dollars or 10 days in prison for the knife he pleaded guilty to having.

The other matter will be mentioned on November 9. The murder charge will also be mentioned on that day. Brown was charged with Pottinger’s murder earlier this month.

Pottinger’s decomposing body was found at his home in Yarico Place, St. Andrew. He reportedly had multiple stab wounds. His body was found after friends and relatives were reportedly unable to reach him via phone.