A number of the Crown’s witnesses in the keenly watched Manchester Municipal Corporation fraud case have been accepted as credible by Parish judge, Ann Marie Grainger.

A verdict is expected to be handed down soon.

The proceedings in Manchester are currently underway.

The hearing has been going on for nearly two hours now via live stream due to public interest in the matter.

The Court has already reviewed the allegations made by the Crown.

Judge Grainger also reviewed the statements of the defendants.

There’re seven defendants in the matter.

The Former superintendent of roads and works Sanja Elliot is accused of being the mastermind in the 4-hundred million dollar fraud scheme.

The other six defendants are the Acting CEO David Harris, temporary works overseer Kendale Roberts, former bank teller Radcliffe McLean, Elliot’s wife, Tasha-Gaye Elliott, his mother Mrytle Elliott, and his former employee Dwayne Sibblies.

The Crown is alleging that Elliott, McLean and Sibblies over a 3 year period between 2013 and 2016, conspired to process fraudulent cheques drawn out of the bank account of the corporation.

The others were later arrested.

Sanja’s father Elwardo, a former co-accused, was freed of charges associated with the alleged conspiracy in January.

The Court has already reviewed the Crown’s case in relation to the seven defendants.

There’re 36 counts in the matter.

Judge Grainger’s findings in relation to each count will explain her verdict.

So far in the Crown’s case Judge Grainger has accepted several of the witnesses as credible including the witness who established conspiracy.

There were seven witnesses but only four are being examined.

Two of the witnesses who’re accomplices have also been accepted as credible witnesses.

We’ll take you back to the live proceedings after the World at Noon.