Principal of the Clarendon-based May Pen High School, Winston Preddie, is admitting that his students are required to clean the school’s toilets.

In an interview with Nationwide News, the headmaster revealed that students are rostered for toilet cleaning duties as part of their training and development.

He says students must learn from early to clean up their own mess.

Our news centre understands that the controversial practice is triggering unrest among some of the school’s stake holders.

A parent whose child attends May Pen High raised concerns about the practice at the school.

The parent has asked to remain anonymous to prevent her child from being victimized or harassed.

Neika Lewis reports.

At May Pen High School in Clarendon, Principal Winston Preddie says grooming and discipline are a major part of what they do.

Cleaning up after making a mess is no exception for students – even the toilets.

He says the rostered duties are often carried out after school’s dismissed and usually lasts for an entire term.

But, he insists the school has been very open with parents about what duties students are expected to perform at the institution.

But a concerned parent says although the duty was outlined in the school’s handbook, it doesn’t pacify her concern.