An October 12 mention date has been set for the two men charged with beating St. James resident Mario Deane to death while in police custody in 2014.

The date was set last Thursday when Marvin Orr and Adrian Morgan appeared in the St James Circuit Court.

Presiding high court judge, Justice Viviene Harris, was told by attorneys Stacy Ann Young and Franklin Halliburton that the defence is yet to receive medical records for the men.

Halliburton later told reporters that they’ve been waiting on some of the records for two years now.

Justice Harris, who says she’s prepared to make an order, told the lawyers that she needs specific information about the period and location of the last order.

The defence team is to liaise with the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions to get the information.

Once the logs are received, a plea for trial and case management date could be set.

Justice Harris was on the verge of setting next week Friday as a return mention date, when Assistant DPP, Adley Duncan, informed her that both accused receive medication periodically, and that their supply has run out.

As a result, Justice Harris set an October 12 mention date.

Deane was arrested and detained at the Barnett Street Police Station in Montego Bay for possession of a ganja spliff in August 2014. He died three days later in hospital after receiving severe injuries to the head while in custody.