Chevon Campbell has that story.

Mayor of Port Maria and former Board Member of Petrojam, Richard Creary is refuting certain claims made by the Director of Investigations in the Integrity Commission’s special report.

Mayor Creary is categorically denying being present at the job interview of former Petrojam General Manager, Floyd Grindley, for the position.

His denial follows the damning report by the Integrity Commission into actions taken by senior officials at the state-owned oil refinery.

Mayor Creary says he’s challenging the Integrity Commission to provide evidence suggesting he was present at the interview of Mr. Grindley. 

He says that he was invited to the meeting but indicated he had other commitments and could not attend. The Port Maria Mayor says at that time he’d never met Mr. Grindley and did not meet him until he commenced his employment as General Manager at Petrojam.

He says he replied to written questions as well as willingly attended an interview at the Integrity Commission and at no time was he asked if he had interviewed Mr. Grindley. 

He’s also rubbishing suggestions in the report questioning whether the strategic placement of certain individuals in key positions at Petrojam served as corruption enabling mechanisms.

He says this assertion is ridiculous, offensive and has no basis in fact. 

Mr.  Creary goes on to say he does not know of any Minister in any PNP or JLP administration who have appointed State Boards of persons unknown to them to run the country’s affairs.  He says the Integrity Commission’s statement would be applicable to 99-per cent of all the people who have ever served on a Government Board spanning decades.

The Port Maria Mayor says it is a most unfortunate conclusion from an agency that has the term integrity in its name.  He says as a Board Member he did not take part in the day-to-day management of Petrojam and, due to the impasse with Venezuela and their Board Representatives making themselves unavailable the board did not meet for several months prior to allegations of impropriety being made public.