Local Government and Rural Development Minister, Desmond Mckenzie, is rejecting a claim that despite a ban on parties, politically-connected promoters have been receiving permits to host events during the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic.

Minister McKenzie was responding to an allegation made by President of the Jamaica Association of Professional DJs, Promoters and Sound System Owners, JAPPS, Lenworth ‘Squeeze’ Samuels.

Mr Samuels made the claim while speaking on last evening’s edition of Nationwide@5 with Cliff Hughes and Tyrone Reid.

Mr Samuels says in seeking to lobby the government to reopen the entertainment sector, there’s need for parity.

Lenworth Samuels, President of JAPPS.

In response, Minister McKenzie says there ‘s no truth to Mr Samuels’ claim that politically-aligned persons are being granted permits to host parties.

Minister McKenzie insists no permits have been issued for any entertainment event.

He says if parties are being hosted at this time, they are illegal.

Desmond McKenzie, Local Government and Rural Development Minister.

He was speaking on last evening’s edition of Nationwide@5.