Deputy Chairman of the Firearm Licensing Authority (FLA) Dennis Meadows, is stepping aside from the board amid an investigation into how a suspected criminal was granted a gun license.

The Major Organized Crime and Anti Corruption Agency is probing the matter.

In a statement on the weekend, Meadows announced that he would recuse himself, not resign, from the board pending the investigation.

In his statement, Mr. Meadows urged MOCA to conduct an investigation in an effort to protect his good name and character. He’s asked that the findings be made public. He says the innuendos and political mischief were being targeted at him, possibly because he’s the better-known political operative on the board.

Meadows says as a former candidate for the governing Jamaica Labour Party, he can speak unequivocally to the impenetrable integrity of himself and fellow members of the board. He’s also proposing that the government gives due consideration to the thought of removing the FLA from direct political control in the near future.

And, in an earlier release, chairman of the FLA, Dennis Wright, says he’s asked MOCA to investigate innuendos being made against Meadows regarding operations at the authority.

Mr. Wright says he’s also asked MOCA to investigate any approval of firearm licenses which may be considered suspicious prior to 2016.

Nationwide News reported on Friday that a senior person connected to the FLA was being investigated by MOCA for corruption.

It comes amid concerns by the Police High Command that firearm licenses were issued to some persons suspected to be involved in criminal activities.