Metry Seaga, has been elected the first president of the Jamaica Manufacturers’ and Exporters’ Association, JMEA.

The JMEA was created earlier this month when the Jamaica Manufacturers Association, JMA and the Jamaica Exporters’ Association, JEA merged.

It had its first general meeting this afternoon, where businessman, Richard Pandohie, was elected Deputy President.

Mr. Pandohie and Mr. Seaga were both executives at the former JMA.

Mr. Seaga used his address to thank the former President of the outgoing JEA, Michelle Chong, for what he says was her selfless work to make the merger possible.

He assured the exporters at the organisation that their interests will be served.

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He also outlined some of what the JMEA will focus on.

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He says the merger will give members a stronger voice when they lobby the government.

In the meantime, Director of Technological Solutions Limited, Dr. Andre Gordon says he’s confident that exporters will be well represented by the JMEA.

Dr. Gordon was once a President of the JEA. He and other past presidents of both former entities, will serve on the board of directors.

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