At least one stakeholder claims that while the State of Public Emergency in Western Jamaica has reduced murders and shootings, robberies and break-ins are on the rise.

Accountant Michael Miller, while welcoming the emergency measure, argues that it hasn’t curtailed certain crimes.

Although the security forces and the government have praised the reduction in murders and shootings in western Jamaica, Mr. Miller argues the criminals have simply changed focus.

He says the criminals have worked out the schedules of the security forces and are operating around them.

He also says the Chinese businessmen are feeling the brunt of the abuse.

Businessman Denton Cooper, says he can’t speak to an increase in robberies, but he’s noticed more brazen behaviour.

On the other hand, Manager of the Montego Bay Convention Centre, Karron Benjamin, says the the State of Public Emergency has comforted his employees and guests.

Both Karron Benjamin, Manager of the Montego Bay Convention Centre.
and, Security Officer, Horace Walker, agrees that there has been a decline in murders due to the special security measure.