Two inmates, at one of the island’s adult correctional facilities, were last week charged for breaches of the Forgery Act by detectives from the Major Organised Crime and Anti Corruption Agency, MOCA.

They’re Andrew Lee Pryce and Toraino Jose Rowe, who are both serving prison sentences for fraud.

The charges resulted from an ongoing investigation which led to the arrest and charge of two
Correctional Officers, Randy Palmer and Toraine Tulloch in December last year.

Palmer and Tullock were implicated in a fraud scheme being operated from inside the correctional facility.

It’s alleged that Pryce, who is believed to be the mastermind, and Rowe conspired with these Correctional Officers who were posing as Policemen and Entertainment Producers, and fleeced several persons of large sums of money.

Pryce is scheduled to appear in the Kingston and St. Andrew Parish Court on Wednesday, January 18.

While Rowe’s to appear on Thursday, January 19.