Some residents of Morant Bay, St Thomas say they are not very concerned about reports the police have discovered several human skulls in a building said to be a former lodge hall. 

The police made the discovery while the authorities were demolishing the premise which is just across from the Morant Bay Police Station. 

Councillor for Morant Bay, Rohan Bryan, says the St Thomas Municipal Corporation decided to demolish the building when it started to pose a health hazard to the public. 

He says wooden slabs were falling from the building on power lines. 

But Bryan says after he visited the building during the discovery, he’s been having some strange experiences.

A resident of Duhaney Pen in Morant Bay says he’s not surprised by the discovery as he’s seen stranger things in the parish.

This other resident says she too is not bothered by the news.

But an Evangelist, Paul Aiken, is pleading with the authorities to equip themselves with spiritual guidance in demolishing the building. 

Aiken believes the human remains discovered are of people who were sacrificed.

Paul Aiken, resident in St. Thomas.