The National Environment and Planning Agency, NEPA, says more work needs to be done on an Environmental Impact Assessment, EIA, for proposed bauxite mining in parts of St. Ann and Trelawny.

Environmentalists have been opposed to the mining, saying it encroaches on the protected Cockpit Country.

In a statement today, NEPA says they’ve reviewed the draft EIA, which was submitted last month, but, they say it doesn’t properly comply with the Terms of Reference.

As such, the agency says the report is not ready for widespread circulation, and they’ve mandated further public consultation.

The draft EIA was prepared by the consultants, Conrad Douglas and Associates.

It examines the proposed mining by Noranda Jamaica Bauxite Partners-Two, for Special Mining Lease 173 in St. Ann and Trelawny. NEPA says receipt of the draft is only the first step in the review process.

This is then followed by wide-scale circulation, public consultation and a final review.

NEPA says the projected timeline to complete the final review is not possible before December. 

They’re also assuring the public that no mining will be allowed in the disputed area until a decision has been taken by the Natural Resources Conservation Authority/Town and Country Planning Authority.