Former Deputy Commissioner of Police and ex-Scotland Yard Investigator, Mark Shields, says an independent investigation should be carried out into the shocking claims reportedly made by PNP General Secretary, Paul Burke, about alleged corrupt practices involving Chinese firms and the opposition party.

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Yesterday, former Transport Minister, Dr Omar Davies, lashed out at Burke about the claims he made to the PNP National Executive Council, NEC, in April.

Dr. Davies said Mr. Burke has been reckless in giving the false impression that he, Davies, collected millions of US dollars from a large Chinese firm but failed to turn it over to the PNP central treasury.

Davies said he has been reliably informed that Burke had told the NEC that it’s an established practice for large Chinese firms to pay an agent’s fee to an agent designated by the portfolio Minister.

Davies reported that Burke said the agent’s fee is usually then transferred to the political party in office.

Dr. Davies further accused Mr. Burke of telling the NEC that a particular project being pursued by a Chinese firm in Jamaica should have resulted in between 10 and 12 million US dollars being paid over to the PNP.

Mr. Shields says there are possibly grounds for a criminal investigation to be launched into the deepening scandal.

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And Executive Director of anti-corruption watchdog, National Integrity Action, NIA, Professor Trevor Munroe, has joined calls for the Major Organized Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency, MOCA, to investigate the PNP campaign funds scandal.

Professor Munroe says NIA is particularly concerned about statements attributed to PNP General Secretary, Paul Burke about corrupt practices involving large Chinese firms and the party.

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Professor Munroe says campaign financing laws were passed recently which would make such donations illegal.

However, he says the law has not yet come into effect.

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Earlier this week, former Contractor General, Greg Christie, urged MOCA and US law enforcement to investigate the scandal.

Transport and Mining Minister, Mike Henry, says he’s not familiar with the alleged practice of large Chinese firms paying over millions of dollars to agents designated by a portfolio Minister with the money being passed on to a political party.

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