Information minister, Robert Morgan, and opposition leader, Mark Golding, clashed over the contract details of Finn Partners in Jamaica’s bid for Commonwealth Secretary General.

Morgan told the House of Representatives that only three entities who engaged the US-based firm, gave permission to be identified and he was not at liberty to share the amount each spent.

The minister revealed in parliament that GraceKennedy, the Mussons Group and Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica president, Keith Duncan, assisted in hiring Finn Partners.

The full price of the contract was US $99,000 or roughly JM $15 million.

Golding demanded the minister share information on who were the other contributors.

The opposition leader was further irritated by the minister’s unwillingness to provide details regarding the procurement process for the government’s expenditure on the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in Rwanda earlier this year.

Robert Morgan, Minister of Information. He was preceded by opposition leader, Mark Golding.

Both were speaking in the House of Representatives Tuesday,