More traffic restrictions are scheduled for Constant Spring Road this weekend. The restrictions take effect from 10 tonight until 4 Monday morning.

Traffic will be restricted along the section of Constant Spring Road between CVM and Dunrobin Avenue. 

Communications Manager at the National Works Agency, Stephen Shaw, says starting tonight, motorists wishing to travel north from the direction of CVM towards Dunrobin Avenue will be re-routed. 

The south-bound lanes that normally take traffic towards Half Way Tree will accommodate traffic heading in both directions. 

The NWA says the change is part of their thrust to wrap up significant aspects of the works along Constant Spring Road, before the start of the new school year in September. 

Mr. Shaw says the work to be done includes removing the road surface, strengthening the base, and repaving the corridor. 

The NWA is cautioning motorists to use alternative routes in the meantime. 

Motorists are also being urged to obey the warning signs and instructions of flag-persons. 

According to the Works Agency, the US$20-million Major Infrastructure Development Project, MIDP, is now 80% complete.