Member of Parliament for Eastern St. Andrew, Fayval Williams is calling on the Police High Command to provide more resources to assist the police in August Town.

This in an effort to stem a feud in the area that could spiral out of control if not handled swiftly.

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On Tuesday three men were shot in the area— one fatal. The shooting is suspected to be a reprisal killing. This in relation to a killing some weeks ago.

People’s National Party, Caretaker for Eastern St. Andrew, Venesha Phillips told Nationwide News this week that the reprisal killing stemmed from a feud between criminals in two areas of the community— Jungle 12 and River.

The community is in fear of murders escalating further in 2018. Twelve murders were committed in August Town last year.

The Member of Parliament says gang-related activities is responsible for half of the murders committed in 2017.

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But Mrs. Williams says the residents in the area are determined to help in the fight against crime.

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