The Micro, Small, Medium, Enterprises, MSME, Alliance says the government should start relaxing the COVID-19 restrictions to bring some semblance of normalcy to the economy.

The tighter weekend curfew measures expired at 5 this morning, while the nightly curfews are set to expire at 5 on Wednesday morning.

President of the MSME Alliance, Donovon Wignall, says it’s time to revise the measures for a more targeted approach.

Ricardo Brooks has more in this report.

Last week the country’s Chief Medical Officer issued an ominous warning to the country. She told the nation that a rush to lift the current restrictions could risk a third, more dangerous spread of COVID-19 across the country.

But the MSME Alliance President, Donovan Wignall, thinks the government should reconsider its position on the restrictions.

The business leader wants to see a more targeted approach to managing the virus.

The MSME boss says his members continue to be battered by the restrictions and their effect on doing business.

Mr. Wignall wants the government to focus on relaxing the measures which most impact commerce in the country.

He particularly wants to see business hours return to full normalcy on Saturdays.

Wignall believes relaxed weekend curfew hours coupled with stronger enforcement will have the desired effect of keeping transmission rates low.

He says the government’s stronger focus on enforcement is a good start to relaxing the measures.

He believes the emphasis on enforcement will have a positive effect on citizens’ attitude towards the virus.

Prime Minister Holness is expected to provide an update on the measures in the Parliament tomorrow afternoon.