President of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, MSME Alliance, Donovan Wignall, is calling for more incentives for the manufacturing sector.

Mr. Wignall was commenting on the recent employment numbers released by the Statistical Institute of Jamaica, STATIN.

STATIN is reporting the lowest unemployment rate in Jamaica’s history, now at 7.2%.

This includes thousands of new jobs in the Business Process Outsourcing, BPO, sector.

Mr. Wignall says manufacturers need similar incentives as BPOs.

Donovan Wignall, President of the MSME Alliance.

Meanwhile, Financial Analyst, Jason Morris, notes that jobs in real estate, renting and business activity have nearly doubled since the 2008 financial crisis.

Mr. Morris represents the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica, PSOJ, on the Economic Programme Oversight Committee, EPOC.

Jason Morris, Financial Analyst.

And, President of the Jamaica Employers Federation, David Wan, notes the decline in construction jobs.

However, he says this is likely to pick back up, given major roadworks scheduled to start soon.

David Wan, President of the Jamaica Employers Federation.All three were speaking on Nationwide This Morning with Kalilah Reynolds and Abka Fitz Henley.

Financial analyst Jason Morris says the country needs to export more in order to see the economy grow to desired levels.

Morris says Jamaica also needs more skilled workers.

Jason Morris, Financial Analyst.
He was speaking on Nationwide This Morning.