A second transportation group has now signalled its intention to ask the government for a fare increase.

The National Transportation Steering Committee (NTSC) says this request comes as a result of the steady rise in costs associated with running and maintaining transportation services across the country.

The Committee says it understands the implications of a fare increase on the public at this time, especially given the challenging economic environment.

However, it says it is important to note that this adjustment is necessary but will not materialize until a comprehensive review of current transportation costs and the need to ensure sustainable and reliable transportation services for the public is realized.

According to the group, the proposed fare increase aims to address various operational costs and service improvements necessary to enhance the quality of services to the public.

The Committee says it is of the view that a fare increase will enable the industry to continue providing safe, efficient, and reliable transportation.

It says its final submission will come after careful consideration and consultation with industry stakeholders.