JLP Councillors in North East St. Catherine, who are supporting Sharon Hay Webster’s bid to represent the party in the constituency, says she can bank on the support of over 250 residents.

But some members of the constituency executive, who are opposed to her candidacy, say the delegates were tricked into endorsing her.

It’s understood that some executive members plan to block her efforts to represent the JLP in the seat.

Battle lines have been drawn in North East St. Catherine, less than a week after Gregory Mair’s surprise decision to retire from active politics.

To date, Sharon Hay Webster, a former PNP MP, is the only aspirant for a seat won by Mr. Mair for the JLP, in the last two general elections.

But on Friday, the constituency executive, led by Vice Chairman, Henry Fisher, passed a resolution rejecting her candidacy.

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According to Fisher, the resolution was passed unanimously, with about four members absent.

One member who was not at that meeting, is Councilor for the Guys Hill Division, Winston Chambers.

Chambers is a supporter of Mrs. Hay-Webster.

He says the resolution does not reflect the sentiment of the more than 2-hundred delegates in the constituency.

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Chambers and a former Vice Chairman of the Constituency Executive, Oswald Williams, along with Caretaker for the Troja Division, William Cytall, say they’ve collected the signatures of over 2-hundred-and-50 delegates, each supporting Mrs. Hay-Webster.

They say these supporters include teachers, youth club leaders and church leaders.

The signatures were collected on Monday.

But Henry Fisher is adamant the delegates were tricked.

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Fisher says another candidate will be coming forward in the coming days.

Party Chairman, Dr. Horace Chang says the party will move swiftly to settle the issue.

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