Head of the St. Thomas Police, Superintendent Allison Byfield, is theorising that the ongoing gang conflict in Bull Bay is a war over turf.

Two brothers became the latest victims of the conflict in the 11 Miles area of the community on Thursday.

Dead are 29-year-old Oshane Prince and 23-year-old Suwayne Reece.

The St. Thomas Police indicated that the conflict turned deadly in September this year.

Nearly 10 people have reportedly been killed or injured since the flare up of violence in the community.

Reports are that armed men invaded the home of the brothers on Thursday morning and opened fire killing them on the spot.

Superintendent Allison Byfield, Head of the St. Thomas Police.

She was speaking with Nationwide News on Thursday.

The mother, father and younger brother of the men, who were at home during the murders, were not harmed.