Jamaica is to introduce the Zero-G Internet of Things, IoT, data network.

This will signal a major development for low band data transmission across the island.

The Ministry of Science, Energy and Technology recently issued a provider and carrier licence to the Amber Group to operate the 0G network.

Managing Director at the Amber Group, Michael McNaughton says the 0G technology is a low band data network which allows the transmission of low packets of data.

McNaughton says transmitters will be set up across the island to collect signals from IoT devices.

Some devices include sensors such as temperature sensors, LPG level sensors and light/air quality sensors at home.

The benefits of these devices include low cost, low connectivity fees, reduced energy consumption, low radiation emission and environmentally friendly.

Consumers can also utilise them for tracking.

Michael McNaughton, Managing Director at the Amber Group.

This new technology also provides major commercial opportunities.

Jamaica will join 75 countries around the world, which have already adapted to 0G networks to support the growing innovation of, and demand for IoT devices.