The National Housing Trust, NHT, is asserting that there are no structural issues at its Ruthven Towers development in St. Andrew.

The NHT was responding to an article in the Sunday Gleaner that there were structural issues at the development which is currently in its final stages of construction.

However, the Trust says since construction began, they have not identified any structural problems at any stage of the project.

The NHT says it’s currently awaiting shipment of stairwell fire doors for the development.

It says logistics to have the doors manufactured and delivered to Jamaica from China have been extensive as they’ve been ordered from July last year.

But the NHT says it expects delivery and installation of the doors by the end of July this year.

The Trust also noted that the process of selecting homeowners for the development is ongoing.

It says the process involves verifying the eligibility status of the applicants, verifying the authenticity of documents submitted and conducting loan interviews.

The Housing Trust also noted that financial arrangements are available for applicants which include lease-to-own, deferred mortgages and intergenerational mortgages among others.

The NHT says social media posts implying that mortgagors have been losing their homes as well as claims of questionable operations at the institution are false.