A 32 year-old Trinidadian man and his 21 year-old common-law wife, who was reportedly born in Jamaica, have been arrested in Trinidad and are facing cruelty charges under the Children’s Act.

This in connection with the abuse of an infant girl which was recorded on video and went viral on social media.

The suspects, who are not the child’s parents, were held yesterday afternoon in a room on the second floor of a two-storey apartment building in Vistabella, San Fernando.

The couple had reportedly packed their bags and were ready to flee the country when the police came calling yesterday evening.

The Police had reportedly tracked the mobile phone signal of the couple and narrowed down their location.

Additionally the Police had been tipped off by residents who reported seeing a man fitting the description of the abuser, entering a house in the Vistabella area.

The Police had the house under surveillance for several hours, starting yesterday morning.

They saw a man and woman fitting the description of the suspects, entering and leaving the house.

The Police waited until evening to swoop down on the premises.

There they found a man and woman matching the description of the suspects.

They were arrested and are no facing charges related to behaving in a cruel manner towards a child.

T-and-T Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Rowley praised the efforts of investigators and thanked those citizens who assisted the Police with finding the couple.

The video in which the child, who’s reportedly about two years old, was slapped repeatedly by a man as he fed her milk from a plastic bottle.

The child, who’s hair is in a bun, is wearing only diapers.

The man orders the child to open its mouth and drink the milk as he pours it into her mouth.

When the child refuses to drink, the heavyset man, uses his left hand to cuff the child in the head, causing her to fall flat on her face.

He then picks up the child by her hair and repeats his instructions.

The child refuses and is sent sprawling by another blow to the head, before being yanked to her feet by her hair.

The child cries and under clear duress, drinks the milk.

While not on camera, a woman who spoke with a Jamaican accent could be heard telling the child to drink the milk and saying “yuh look for that” when she was being slapped.

Another person appears to be in the room with the couple and the child.

The woman with the Jamaican accent can also be heard scolding the child, saying that her stubbornness is the reason why she is not intervening on this occasion.