NNN/Blue Dot Poll: 69% Of Jamaicans View Holness-admin As Corrupt But Want JLP To Get Second Term


The majority of Jamaicans believe the Andrew Holness- administration is corrupt.

That’s according to the findings of a Nationwide Bluedot Insights poll conducted over a five-day period between August 22 and 26.

However, despite the adverse finding, the majority of respondents believe the Jamaica Labour Party, JLP, should get a second term in government.

Chevon Campbell brings us the findings.

According to the national poll conducted by data intelligence firm, Bluedot Insights, in association with Nationwide News, 69% of those polled believe the current administration is in some way corrupt.

Respondents were asked how corrupt do you think the government is.

33% stated they believe the government is very corrupt.

Another 16% of those polled say the government is corrupt, while 20% view the government as somewhat corrupt.

Another 14% see the government as possibly corrupt, with another 16% stating the government is not corrupt.

Bluedot Insights surveyed just under 1,200 Jamaicans across the island with a margin of error of 3%.

The Peoples’ National Party under Dr. Peter Phillips has been campaigning heavily against the perceived corruption of the current administration which has been rocked by several scandals.

But, despite their views, 52% of respondents say their opinion on how the government has handled corruption will not influence their likelihood of voting for them.

Just 48% say it would influence their vote.

Also, when asked, given its performance so far, do you think the JLP should be get a second term in government, 61% of those polled said yes.

Only 39% said no.

One thought on “NNN/Blue Dot Poll: 69% Of Jamaicans View Holness-admin As Corrupt But Want JLP To Get Second Term


    As a Son of The Cockpit Country, born in Wilson’s Run, Trelawney. I am proud that it being mentioned in Social Media.
    I served in the United States Army as an Officer and my long term goal was to become Prime Minister of my Beloved Island.
    I currently work in Wealth Managenent for one of Americas largest Financial Institutions.
    However, it troubles me that economically Jamaica is some 60 years from recovery. Part of the problem is that past and current administrations have “Raped ” the land of wood and water of its Natural Resources.
    From Bauxite to Infrastructures we have sold our birthrights for personal gains. Therefore, our vitality as a strong voice under the charge led by visionary Norman Manley as Caricom’s voice is more evident now more than ever.
    We no longer own our minerals, natural resources, roads, Airports, banks,etc.
    The last vestige is our last natural resource “The Cockpit Country” our Rain Forrest. We have been blessed, but we turn around and sell to the highest bidder.

    Look at Trinidad and how they have nanaged their Natural Resources. They remain a major player in the Global economy with their Crude and Pitch (we know it as Tar or Asphalt).

    Mining in the Cockpit Country should only make sense if the Proceeds and profits are used to pay down the National Debt, repurchase the rights to the natural resources sold, and begin reinvesting in “Out of Many People We Are One”

    Jamaica the Land I Love.


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