Crime, unemployment and corruption are the biggest problems facing the country.

Meanwhile, a plurality of 46 per cent of Jamaicans have no confidence that either Prime Minister Andrew Holness or Opposition Leader, Dr. Peter Phillips, can manage the problem that’s driving fear in the country.

That’s one of the findings of the Nationwide Bluedot poll conducted among more than 1400 Jamaicans between December 2 and 19 last year.

With murders increasing in 2019 over 2018, it’s no surprise that crime is cited as the biggest problem facing the country.

A majority of 53 per cent of respondents told our Nationwide Bluedot pollsters that it was the biggest problem.

Unemployment was a distant second with 19per cent of those surveyed citing it as the biggest problem facing the country.

Corruption was third with 14 per cent.

When asked who are you most confident in to manage crime, almost half, 46 per cent, said neither Prime Minister Holness nor Opposition Leader, Dr. Peter Phillips.

Of those who still have confidence in the two national leaders in fighting crime, Prime Minister Holness was well ahead of Dr. Phillips.

 34-per cent said they had confidence in Holness managing crime.

That’s 14-percentage points more than the 20-per cent who expressed confidence in the Opposition Leader managing crime.

Education, healthcare and the economy were also cited as big problems facing the country.

But, all were in single digits, as crime at 53-per cent, lack of jobs at 19-per cent and corruption at 14-per cent accounted for 86-per cent of the responses.

The Nationwide Blue dot poll was conducted among 1431-Jamaicans between December 2 and 19 across the country.

It has a margin of error of less than 3-per cent.