Almost half of all Jamaicans say they have confidence in Prime Minister Andrew Holness managing the economy.

While just under a quarter express confidence in Opposition Leader, Dr. Peter Phillips, in doing so.

That’s according to the Nationwide Bluedot poll.

The pollsters asked Jamaicans across the island, “who are you most confident in to manage the economy?”

48-per cent said Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

That’s almost half of the 1431-respondents who were polled.

Only 24-per cent expressed confidence in Opposition Leader, Dr. Peter Phillips, in managing the economy. That’s exactly one half of the total number of respondents who named the Prime Minister.

That’s bad news for Dr. Phillips, who’s credited in playing a significant role during the Simpson-Miller administration between 2012 and 2016, in helping to turn around the economy.

He was the Finance Minister then.

29-per cent said they had no confidence in neither Mr. Holness nor Dr. Phillips to manage the economy.

This was the finding of the poll conducted between December 2 and 19, 2019.

Earlier, in August 2019, during the run-up to the PNP leadership challenge by Peter Bunting, our pollsters asked the same question.

46-per cent said they had most confidence in Holness managing the economy. Four months later, his rating had inched up to 48-per cent.

While Dr. Phillips’s rating jumped from 16 to 24-per cent between August and December 2019.

However, it should be noted that in August, Peter Bunting, was chosen by 18-per cent of the respondents as being best to manage the economy.

In our December poll, Bunting was not among the choices put to the respondents. Therefore the 8-percentage point jump in those expressing confidence in Dr. Phillips could have been influenced by the omission of Mr. Bunting.

The poll has a margin of error of just under 3-per cent.