Its management of the Covid-19 pandemic, the economy, and employment are being hailed as successes of the Andrew Holness-Administration by a majority of Jamaicans.

Those polled have cited crime, its Covid-19 strategy, and corruption as its biggest failures.

Those are some of the findings of the Nationwide/Bluedot Poll conducted last month between August 14 and 30, among 1,500 Jamaicans, 18-years-and-older.

Wayne Walker reports.

Jamaicans were asked what would you consider to be the biggest success and the biggest failure of the current JLP government?

The successes: 26-percent said their Covid19 strategy, 17-percent cited their management of the economy, 13-percent said employment, 11-percent named healthcare and 10-percent cited education.

One year ago, Jamaicans identified as successes of the administration, roads and infrastructure which were identified by 26-percent, 23-percent said the Covid19 response and 14-percent cited the economy, debt reduction and job creation.

On the failures, a plurality of Jamaicans, 46-percent, identified crime as the biggest failure of the government.

More than 3 times as many cited crime as the government’s biggest failure than the, 15-percent, who said its Covid19 strategy was also a failure.

Next was corruption which was cited by 10-percent of those surveyed by Bluedot.

One year ago, 39-percent had identified crime as the administration’s biggest failure.

That’s now up 7-percentage points.

This was followed by corruption, nepotism and scandals.

13-percent had also cited the high cost of living, low wages and unemployment as failures.

The Nationwide Bluedot poll has a margin of error of 2.5-percent.